The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
Including historical descriptions, maps and statistical analysis.


Doomsday Book

The Domesday Book is a great land survey from 1086, commissioned by William the Conqueror to assess the extent of the land and resources being owned in England at the time, and the extent of the taxes he could raise.

Royal commissioners were sent out around England to collect and record the information from thousands of settlements.

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Entry in Domesday Book for Clophill.


Nigel himself holds Clophill. It is assessed at 5 hides. There is land for 3 ploughs. In demesne [are] 3 hides, and there are 2 ploughs; and 5 villans have 6 ploughs. There are 5 bordars and 1 slaves, meadow for 4 ploughs, [and] woodland for 200 pigs and [rendering] 12d.

It is worth 60s; when received. 30s; TRE £8. 2 thegns, men of Earl Tosti, held this manor. Of these 5 hides Nigel himself claims 1 virgates which his predecessor held TRE. Nigel himself was seised of it after he came into [possession of] the honour, but Ralph Taillebois disseised him.

Canyon Case Company

The largest supplier of agricultural boxes in the country.

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Who lived where a 107 years ago?

If your house is over one hundred years old it might be possible to discover who lived there and what they did.

Second Edition OS Map for Clophill (1902)

Another interactive map of the village.

Old maps of Clophill

A selection of old maps of Bedfordshire showing Clophill


How did people get about?

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World War One

Details of the twenty four Clophill men listed on the war memorial who died in World War One.

The weekly Ampthill News usually had a piece by a Clophill correspondent containing news from the village. All those relevant to World War One have been transcribed.

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Ampthill News 1914-1919

This weekly newspaper had reports from the villages. All the reports for Clophill for 1914 -1919 have been transcribed.

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Clophill had many charities to help the poor.

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Brick and tile making

For centuries bricks and tiles were made to the north of Clophill.

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Crime and Punishment

The Bedford Gaol Register records the offences and punishments of its inmates over the period 1801-1901. The punishments seem very severe by today's standards.

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Maypole Dancing

Memories of Maypole Dancing in the early 1950's.

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Compare photos

Old photos are shown compared with today's view.


Old photos

Mike Pearson's "Clophill- A Photographic History" has been recreated here as the original site was taken down. There are over 200 photos of old Clophill. It is arranged by time period with the locations of the photos shown on a map of the period.

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