The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
Including historical descriptions, maps and statistical analysis.



East and West Junction Railway. (Hitchin Extension.)

Clophill might have had a railway line running through it if the following had been successful.

In the London Gazette dated November 28th 1865 was the following:-

"NOTICE is hereby given, that application is intended to be made to Parliament in next session by the East and West Junction Railway Company (hereinafter called "The Company") for an Act to enable the Company to effect the following purposes, or some or one of them, that is to say:- To make and maintain the following railways, with all proper stations, works, and conveniences connected therewith."

"... Railway No. 3. A railway commencing at the hereinbefore described termination of Railway No. 2, in the said parish of Steppingley, and terminating in the parish of Hitchin, in the county of Hertford, by a junction with the Great Northern Railway, at a point twelve chains or thereabouts to the south-east of Hitchin passenger station of that railway."

"Which said intended railways will run through or into, or be situate within the following parishes or places, or some of them, that is to say:- ... Ampthill, Flitwick, Westoning, Maulden, Flitton, Flitwick Eastend, Greenfield, Pullox Hill, Silsoe, Clophill, Sluts Green, Upper Gravenhurst, Lower Gravenhurst, Shitlington, Mappers Hill, Stondon, ... "

Bedford - London

Ampthill Station

Ampthill Station

Opened to passenger traffic - 13th July 1868

Bedford - Hitchin

Shefford Station

Shefford Station

Opened to passenger traffic - 7th May 1857