The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
Including historical descriptions, maps and statistical analysis.

Andrew Hawkins Tanqueray

Lived at Ivy House.

Andrew Hawkins Tanqueray was born in Tingrith, Bedfordshire in 1864. He was the ninth son of the rector of Tingrith. His grandfather was also Rector and had fourteen children. He attended Marlborough College and in 1887 married Alice Lucy Corby.

The 1891 census shows that he lived in Devon with wife and two children and gave his occupation as brewer. He was also the Mayor of Totnes.

Ivy House

Ivy House

The 1901 census shows that they moved to Finchley, London and had a third child. His occupation is given as Director Mechanical Engineering Company .

By 1911 they have moved to Bedford and his occupation is Managing Director, Brewery and Mech. Engineering.

At some time during World War One they moved to Ivy House Clophill, Bedfordshire.

A.H.Tanquery became a magistrate and also did much voluntary work for the village. See the timeline below for details. He died in 1938.




Marleborough College



1891 Census

Living in Little Hempston Devon


Living in Dartington


Living in Finchley

1901 Census

Living in Finchley


Living at Potters Bar

1911 Census

Living at 27 Lansdown Road, Bedford

December 21, 1918

General Election. Women get vote.

April 5, 1919

Committee formed to organise war memorial

Saturday, May 31, 1919

Open-air fete to celebrate victory and peace

Saturday, August 16, 1919

Village Victory And Peace Fête


Ivy House, High Street, Clophill.

November 8th 1932

Clophill Parish Council Meeting

February 28th 1935

Special Parish Meeting

January 24th 1938

Clophill Parish Council Meeting