The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
Including historical descriptions, maps and statistical analysis.


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Every ten years a census is taken. The first was in 1801 and the next one will be in 2021. The details are not released for 100 years so we can only view those up until 1911. The 1841 census was the first detailed census, the previous ones being little more than head counts.

Available online from Ancestry, UK Census Online, 1901 Census Online, Find My Past, 1911 Census and FreeCen.

1910 Finance Act

The Finance Act 1910 led to the "Lloyd George Domesday land-survey", and the 1910-1915 Valuation Maps. Each property ('hereditament') in England and Wales was surveyed and valued, so a land value tax could be levied when the property was sold. It contains the name of the Occupier which can be cross-checked with the 1911 Census.

1925 Valuation Act

The 1925 Valuation Act is similar to the 1910 Finance Act in that the legislation required a survey of all property for rating purposes.

The District Valuation Departments of Bedford and Luton deposited the detailed survey books or 'field books' and maps at the Bedford & Luton Archives & Records Service. All local rating authorities, except Ampthill U.D.C, agreed to employ J.R. Eve & Son of Bedford to undertake their valuation work.

Listed Buildings

A listed building in the United Kingdom is a building that has been placed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest.

There are thirty three Grade II (two) buildings and one Grade II* (2 star) in the parish of Clophill.

Bedford & Luton Archives & Record Office

Riverside Building
Borough Hall
Cauldwell Street
MK42 9AP

Tel: (01234) 228833

Central Bedfordshire Council

Clophill Conservation Area

Ancient Monuments



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The Cleft in the Hills

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The Bedfordshire Village Book

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Brickmaking: A History and Gazetteer

Alan Cox. Bedfordshire County Council, 1 Jan 1979


Jack Burgoine's Memories of Clophill

Clophill Spotlight magazine.

Jack Pitts' Memories of Clophill

Clophill Spotlight magazine.

Heritage Gateway

Search for information on England's historic sites and buildings, including images of listed buildings.

The Heritage Gateway allows you to cross-search almost 60 resources, including:
-Just under 60% of local English Historic Environment Records (HERs)
-The National Heritage List for England (including listed buildings)
-8 other national resources, including Images of England


"The History of Education in Clophill"

Ian Gordon 1980. Download here


Bedfordshire Historical Record Society

This website enables you to search an index of the contents of all 89 volumes published so far by the BHRS since its inception in 1912.

  • Hundreds, Manors, Parishes and the Church. A selection of early documents for Bedfordshire.

    Edited by S. Thompson

    Volume 69. 1990

  • Bedfordshire Churches in the Ninetenth Century. Part I: Parishes A to G

    Edited by Chris Pickford

    Volume 73. 1994

  • Episcopal Visitations in Bedfordshire 1706-1720

    Edited by Patricia Bell

    Volume 81

  • The Rural Population of Bedfordshire, 1671 to 1921

    Author: Lydia M. Marshall

    Volume XVI (16)

  • Bedfordshire in 1086: An analysis and synthesis of Domesday book

    Author: G. Herbert Fowler

    Volume 1

  • The Bedfordshire Schoolchild : Elementary Education before 1902

    Editor: David Bushby

    Volume 67

Bedfordshire Magazine

Articles on the life and history of Bedfordshire. 1947 - 1999

  • The Beverleys of Cainhoe

    Author: Mary Phillips

    Volume ?

  • The Origin of the Family of Aubigny of Cainhoe

    Author: Lewis C. Loyd

    Volume ?

  • Beverley and Charnock

    Author: Mary Phillips

    Volume ?

  • Mantuamakers and Milliners: Womenmaking and Selling Clothes in Eight Century Bedfordshire

    Author: Anne Buck

    Volume ?

  • Roadside Taverns

    Author: Page Woodcock

    Volume ?

  • Assessment of Knight Service. V. The Barony of Cainhoe

    Author: ?

    Volume ?

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Originally compiled on the orders of King Alfred the Great, approximately A.D. 890, and subsequently maintained and added to by generations of anonymous scribes until the middle of the 12th Century.

Parish Registers

The early Burial Registers have been transcribed and are available from the Bedfordshire Family History Society.

The original positions of the graves and the recorded transcriptions on the gravestones are available here.