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Capt Charles Moore R.N.

Moores Close, Hall End, Maulden is, presumably, named after Capt. Moore or his daughter Louisa.

When the young Charles Moore read about Nelson's victory at Trafalgar in 1805 he must have seen life at sea as an exciting prospect for the following year, at the age of 14, he joined the Royal Navy as a midshipman on the HMS Eagle. She was a 74-gun third rate ship of the line and saw plenty of action during the Napoleonic wars including an expedition to the Netherlands, the defence of Cadiz, and attacking and capturing French shipping.

Life in the Royal Navy must have suited him as he was promoted to Lieutenant at the age of 21.

In the spring of 1817 he was lent to the Royal Sovereign yacht for the purpose of escorting the King of the French from England to Calais after Napoleon's final defeat. While he was at Calais the Eleanor, sailing from Nantz to Dunkirk, with a cargo of corn and a crew of seven men, was driven on shore eastward of the harbour, during a strong north-west gale. Three survivors could be seen aboard the stricken vessel.

A boat was sent from the Royal Sovereign yacht manned by Lieutenant Charles Moore and eight British seamen. Two of the crew were rescued and brought ashore. Whilst trying to rescue the third survivor Lieutenant Moore was washed overboard only to resurface on the other side of his boat. He continued in the rescue attempt but failed to save the last crew member. As a result of his efforts he was promoted to Commander at the age of 25.

Commander Moore married, Elizabeth Anne, second daughter of the late Rich. Palmer in 1819, at Grantham. In 1824 he purchased Maulden Cottage which stood opposite Moores Close in Hall End.

They had four daughters, Emily, Eliza, Marria and Louisa.

Charles and Louisa Moore

Charles and Louisa Moore

In 1834 he was attached to the Coast guard which was probably the prelude to his retirement from the Royal Navy.

During his retirement he was a Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant of Bedfordshire. He was obviously intent on maintaining law and order as he had the the lockup (on Clophill Green) rebuilt at the cost of £4.

He died in 1870 and his grave is in the churchyard of St. Mary's Church, Maulden.

His daughters, Eliza and Louisa, lived at Maulden Cottage until their deaths, Eliza in 1919 Louisa in 1933, the oldest inhabitant in Maulden.

Louisa had taken a keen interest in the poorer inhabitants of Maulden during her lifetime and left legacies in her will to care for them. She left £150 to be added to the Bryan Charity to provide gowns for poor widows in Maulden. Money for gowns is still distributed yearly. She also donated £100 to be used to purchase large print Bibles for the aged.

And so, behind the road name Moores Close lies the story of a brave and adventurous sailor and his children.

Time line of events for Capt Charles Moore and his family

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21st October 1805

Battle of Trafalgar


Entered Navy as Midshipman on the EAGLE 74


Accompanied expedition to the Walcheren.


Cooperated in the defence of Cadiz


Assisted at the capture of La Corceyre frigate


Napoleon invades Russia


Action with and capture of 17 gunboats at Maestro, by boats of the Eagle

26th January 1813

Created a Lieutenant

18 June 1815

Battle of Waterloo






Purchased Maulden Cottage, Hall End, Maulden.


Emily born


Eliza born


Marria born.


Louisa born


Census. Sluts Green, Maulden.


Census. Leamington Priors.

19th October 1852

London Gazette


Rebuilt cage


Census - At Maulden Cottage


Acting Magistrate

10th November 1870

Charles Moore Died


Census. Maulden Cottage, Lower End.


Census. Hall End, Maulden.


Census. Hall End, Maulden.


Census Hall End, Maulden


Census. Maulden Cottage.


Death of Eliza Moore

24 Feb 1933

Death of Miss Louisa Moore