The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
Including historical descriptions, maps and statistical analysis.

Who lived where a 107 years ago?

If your house is over one hundred years old it might be possible to discover who lived there and what they did.

Find your house

1. Click on the map at the approximate location of your house and a large-scale map will appear.

2. Drag the map to find your house.
Information is available only for the dark coloured buildings.

3. Hold the mouse pointer over a building to see its address.

4. Click on your house to display the details.

Information displayed

1911 Census entry for house

The 'Address' gives the road name only as there were no house numbers.

The 'Kind of Building' is usually a 'Private House' but you will see some trades and businesses such as 'Grocer's Shop'.

1911 Census entry for occupants

Details of each person residing at the house on the night of the Census (Sunday 2nd April 1911) are given.

1910 Finance Act

The entry in the register shows the occupier and the owner. Further details on land area and value are not shown.

1925 Valuation Act

The entry in the register shows the occupier and the owner in 1927. The valuation books contain interesting comments by the valuer.

Listed Building

If the building is listed, the details are given.

Text-based search

Find your house from its current address.

Interactive Map

Map of Clophill
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How it is done

Abbreviations used in 1925 Valuation


H = House
C = Cottage
Hm = Homestead
S = Shop
Ga = Garage
G = Garden
Gd = Grounds
B = Buildings
P = Premises


B = Brick
W = Wood
WB = Weatherboard
T = Tile
S = Slate
C.I. = Cast iron


L = Living Room
P = Parlour
R = Reception Room
K = Kitchen
S = Scullery
W = Washhouse
B = Bedroom
Bh = Bathroom
E.C. = Earth closet