The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
Including historical descriptions, maps and statistical analysis.


Newspaper reports of court cases

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6th April 1811

Burglariously entering and stealing

18th March 1825

Death sentence for burglary

26th January 1826

Attempted rape

13th March 1830

Whipped for stealing hay

9th March 1833

Stealing plough chains to make chain for well

19th March 1836

Transportation for stealing 6s.

23rd July 1836

Accused of wounding constable. Trial postponed.

18th March 1837

Death sentence for vicious attack

6th May 1837

Death sentence commuted

23rd March 1839

Police constable gets confession from 13 year old by getting him drunk

7th December 1839

Maintenance order for illegitimate child

21st March 1840

Imprisoned for stealing hurdles

18th July 1840

Charged with poisoning husband but no evidence

18th December 1841

Prisoner behaved like madman at Flying Horse

8th January 1842

Hard labour for stealing traps

8th March 1842

Escape from the cage

28th January 1843

Fined for stealing rabbits

18th March 1843

One month's imprisonment for stealing wood

23rd March 1844

Stealing horse-hair clothes lines

2nd April March 1844

Transported for destroyed a quantity of trees

22nd March 1845

Hard labour for a bushel of chips

22nd March 1851

Transportation for shooting a game-watcher

22nd March 1856


23rd July 1859

Not guilty of manslaughter after fist fight

20th October 1860

Not guilty of theft

23rd October 1869

Six months for stealing knives

9th April 1870

Six months for stealing potatoes

9th April 1870

More stolen potatoes

1st October 1870

Pair of women's drawers stolen

11th October 1878

Trial for stealing lead

20th July 1894

Charged with not vaccinating their children

15th March 1895

Women defended themselves with umbrellas against assault

26th April 1895

Good character steals potatoes

15th May 1899

Fined for stealing eggs

27th July 1900

Fined for being drunk

21st September 1900

Drunk outside the New Inn

14th December 1900

Drunk after visit to Compasses

11th October 1901

Stealing holly

11th January 1901

Embezzlement at the mill

6th September 1901

Rotten fish

3rd January 1902

Charged with perjury

1st April 1904

Obscene language after leaving The Compasses

4th May 1906

Fined for poaching

5th April 1907

Man abandons family to workhouse

17th September 1909

Cruelty to horse

10th December 1909

Not sending child to school