The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
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Further information

By cross-linking occupier information in the 1911 Census with occupier information in the 1910 Finance Act survey it is possible to identify some of the present addresses of buildings and hence identify who lived there.

It is not possibly to do it for all census entries for a number of reasons. The buildings may have been demolished, the numbers written on the map by the valuer may be illegible or the map may be missing. See How its done for more information.

Information for - London House, 45 High Street

1911 Census entry for house

AddressKind of Building
Clophill BarnsPrivate House

1911 Census entry for occupants

First Names Surname Relation Condition Sex Age Birth year Occupation Where born
Rebecca S GOODALL Head Widow F 78 1833 Private Means Tulse Hill London
Elizabeth P GOODALL Sister In Law Single F 78 1833 Private Means Market Drayton Salop
Mary E GOODALL Daughter Single F 44 1867 Private Means Birmingham
Louisa R GOODALL Daughter Single F 41 1870 Private Means Birmingham
M Hope MAXWELL Gr- Niece Single F 8 1903 Formosa
Mary Edith MAXWELL Gr- Niece Single F 5 1906 Formosa
Hilda E MAXWELL Gr- Niece Single F 4 1907 Formosa
Annie E ROBERTS Servant Single F 46 1865 Domestic Servant Lloynshall Herefordshire
Rosa A GREGORY Servant Single F 32 1879 Domestic Servant Clophill Beds
Constance E DANIELS Servant Single F 18 1893 Domestic Servant Clophill Beds
Rebecca SPENCER Servant Single F 16 1895 Domestic Servant London

1910 Finance Act

Occupier Owner Description Situation
Goodhall, Lorenzo Gaskoin. Mrs H. Greenwood Cottage, Aspley Heath, Woburn Sands Ho Gdn & pres Clophill Barns

1925 Valuation Act

Occupier Owner Description Situation Detail Valuer's Comments
Goodall Misses L.R. & M.E. Goodall Misses L.R. & M.E. H B & P Clophill Barns, High Street House.
Down 3 Receptions, Kitchen, S Pantry, Hall with lavatory. Up 5 Bedrooms, Dressing room, Bathroom. Maid's B. Tennis lawn, Buildings, Cellar. Cesspool drainage. Lighting by oil lamps only. Co's water laid on. No central heating. Small Hot-water coke boiler.
Less 33% for no lighting or heating, no railway handy & general inconvenience. Pupils apparently taken.

Listed Building

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Additional Information

'Opposite in 45 (now called London House) lived the Misses Goodall, two sisters.' Jack Pitt's Clophill Memories.