The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
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Further information

By cross-linking occupier information in the 1911 Census with occupier information in the 1910 Finance Act survey it is possible to identify some of the present addresses of buildings and hence identify who lived there.

It is not possibly to do it for all census entries for a number of reasons. The buildings may have been demolished, the numbers written on the map by the valuer may be illegible or the map may be missing. See How its done for more information.

Information for - 41 High Street (east)

1911 Census entry for house

AddressKind of Building
High StreetPrivate House

1911 Census entry for occupants

First Names Surname Relation Condition Sex Age Birth year Occupation Where born
Herbert HILLS Head Married M 27 1884 Millers Carman Shefford Beds
Charlotte HILLS Wife Married 6 years F 29 1882 Clophill Beds
Raymond HILLS Son M 5 1906 Clophill Beds
George ANNING Visitor Married M 22 1889 Postman Numhead London
Sophia ANNING Visitor Married F 24 1887 Clophill Beds

1910 Finance Act

Occupier Owner Description Situation
Hills, Herbert Gaskoin. Mrs H. Greenwood Cottage, Aspley Heath, Woburn Sands Cottage pres & garden High Street

1925 Valuation Act

Occupier Owner Description Situation Detail Valuer's Comments
Young G. Young A. H & P No 2 Ketton Cottages, High Street Stucco & .
Down L K. Up 2B. Out WB & T Barn. WB & CI Washhouse. WB & CI E.C.
Poor spot. As only 2 Beds. More garden than last. Stands well back.

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