The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
Including historical descriptions, maps and statistical analysis.


Burial Registers

The Burial Registers from 1579 to 1851 have been transcribed and are available from the Bedfordshire Family History Society.

Aerial view of Old Church and graveyard

Aerial view of Old Church and graveyard

Grave positions

Before the gravestones in the old graveyard were removed to the perimeter their positions, on the map below, were recorded.

Original graveyard

Shown bound by a green line, the gravestones in this area have been removed to the perimeter and the land levelled.

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First Extension

Shown bound with a red line, the gravestones numbered 1 to 131 have also been removed.

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Second Extension

Dating from about 1940 this extension, shown bound with an orange line, is still in use.

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Children's graves

The Second Extension contains a section at the west end for children's graves shown in a separate index here.

Inscriptions 1913

The original churchyard was surveyed 1913 by A.WEIGHT MATTHEWS and the inscriptions on the tombstones recorded.

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Inscriptions 1976

Before the tombstones were removed in 1976, they were surveyed and the inscriptions recorded.

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