The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
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World War One Time Line


This is information gleaned from the 'Ampthill News' for the period of the war. Click to expand an item.

Saturday, January 1, 1916

Christmas fayre for R.E.

Saturday, January 8, 1916

Clophill lads recuperating after Gallipoli.

Saturday, January 15, 1916

Aerial observations.

Saturday, January 22, 1916

Effects of gas. Missing soldier. Christmas at the front.

January 27th, 1915

Conscription introduced in Britain

Saturday, January 29, 1916

Footballer in band.

Saturday, February 5, 1916

Cheery letter home.

Saturday, February 12, 1916

More Royal Engineers arrive.

Saturday, February 19, 1916

Narrow escape in trenches. Un-enlisted men under pressure.

Saturday, February 26, 1916

Another son killed in action.

Saturday, March 4, 1916

94 past scholars serving. Another death. Dance held despite weather. Rector back from France.

Saturday, March 11, 1916

Another loss.

Saturday, March 18, 1916

News from front. Father of 5 dies.

Saturday, March 25, 1916

Narrow escape. Two families with four sons fighting.

Saturday, April 1, 1916

Recovering in Alexandria. Home leave.

Saturday, April 8, 1916

Promotion and leave.

Saturday, April 22, 1916

Promotion pleases grandmother. Wage inflation.

Saturday, April 29, 1916

Easter break for many soldiers in training.

Saturday, May 6, 1916

Seriously wounded.

Saturday, May 13, 1916

Graphic letter about Gallipoli evacuation. Missing presumed dead.

Saturday, May 20, 1916

News of the wounded.

Saturday, June 3, 1916

R.E. camp in field. Soldier gassed three times.

Saturday, June 10, 1916

Heavy fighting at Ypres. Labour shortage.

Saturday, June 17, 1916

Off to Mesopotamia. Lucky escape from shrapnel.

Saturday, June 24, 1916

Trench life trying. Confident of victory.

July 1st, 1916

Start of the Battle of the Somme

Saturday, July 1, 1916

No news

Saturday, July 8, 1916

Confident of victory. Humph is wounded.

Saturday, July 15, 1916

Off to France after training. Shell wounds 6.

Saturday, July 22, 1916

Marvellous escapade but death of many.

Saturday, July 29, 1916

Second head wound. Prize-winning gardens.

Saturday, August 5th, 1916

Local ladies start collecting for the troops.

Saturday, August 12th, 1916

Publican's son injured. Letters from Mesopotamia

Saturday, August 19th, 1916

Money raised and gifts sent.

Saturday, August 26, 1916

Wrest Park patients entertained.

Saturday, September 2, 1916

Acclimatised to the bursting of shells

Saturday, September 9, 1916

Rector ill after advance on the Somme.

September 15th, 1916

First use en masse of tanks at the Somme

Saturday, September 16, 1916

Private wounded on the Somme. Snail mail.

Saturday, September 23, 1916

Wrest House fire. Thanks for parcels.

Saturday, September 30, 1916

Brother killed in action.

Saturday, October 14, 1916

Death of 19 year old soldier.

Saturday, October 21, 1916

Wounded recovering. Farmer's son killed.

Saturday, October 28, 1916

Service for the fallen.

Saturday, November 4, 1916

Private killed.

Saturday, November 11, 1916

Some ill, some robust.

Saturday, November 18, 1916

News of the wounded and the recovering.

Saturday, December 2, 1916

Cheerful letter from dug-out.

December 7th, 1916

Lloyd George becomes British Prime Minister

Saturday, December 9, 1916

Letter from Mesopotamia.

Saturday, December 16, 1916

Another service for fallen lads.

Saturday, December 23, 1916

Wounded POW writes home.

Saturday, December 30, 1916

Buried in shell crater.