The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
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World War One Time Line


This is information gleaned from the 'Ampthill News' for the period of the war. Click to expand an item.

June 28th, 1914

Franz Ferdinand assassinated at Sarajevo

August 3rd, 1914

Germany declared war on France and invades Belgium.

August 4th, 1914

Britain declared war on Germany

August 7th, 1914

British Expeditionary Force land in France

August 23rd, 1914

The BEF started its retreat from Mons. Germany invaded France.

September 6th, 1914

The First Battle of Marne.

Saturday, October 17, 1914

First news from France

October 19th 1914

First Battle of Ypres.

October 29th, 1914

Turkey entered the war on Germany's side.
Trench warfare started to dominate the Western Front.

Saturday, November 14, 1914

Local lads enlist

Saturday, November 21, 1914

Three Boy Scouts enlist

Saturday, November 28, 1914

Another Scout enlists

Saturday, December 19, 1914

Rector gives talk about war to raise money for soldiers at the front

Saturday, December 26, 1914

Schoolgirls knit for soldiers