The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
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World War One

Victory and Peace Fête

After the war had ended and the survivors had returned, the villagers were keen to celebrate the peace. The day started with a church service followed by a carnival procession around the village. The day ended with a large fête with extensive sports competitions.


This is information gleaned from the 'Ampthill News' for the period of the war. Click title to expand an item.

Saturday, November 16, 1918

Armistice and Thanksgiving

Saturday, May 31, 1919

Proposal for open-air fête

28 June 1919

The Treaty of Versailles

Saturday, July 5, 1919

Village celebrates the Treaty of Versailles

Saturday, July 12, 1919

Committee plans Fête

Saturday, July 19, 1919

National Peace Day

Saturday, July 26, 1919

Village celebrates Peace Day

7th August, 1919

Village Victory And Peace Fête

Saturday, August 30, 1919

Fête makes a surplus