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World War One

The Life and Times of Cyril Smith, a young volunteer.

Cyril, a tobacconist, enlisted in February 1916 . In March he injured his foot and then suffered blood-poisoning. In Mesopotamia in November 1916 he had dysentery and was wounded in Gaza in April 1918. In November he was dangerously ill in hospital in Alexandria and died of bronchial pneumonia. In between he saw a lot of action but still managed to write cheery letters home.

This is information gleaned from the 'Ampthill News' for the period of the war. Click title to expand an item.

February 19, 1916

Enlisted. To Tring for training.

March 25, 1916

Injured foot.

April 8, 1916

Blood poisoning.

September 23, 1916

Guarding Turkish prisoners somewhere in the desert.

November 11, 1916

Dysentery in Mesopotamia.

February 17, 1917

Near the Pyramids

April 21, 1917

Wounded in Gaza.

April 28, 1917

In hospital with bullet wound.

September 22, 1917

Out of hospital and on the move.

October 27, 1917

In Palestine.

February 2, 1918

In the advance party.

April 20, 1918

Remarkably well.

August 24, 1918

In hospital again.

November 30, 1918

Dangerously ill.

December 7, 1918

Died of bronchial pneumonia.