The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
Including historical descriptions, maps and statistical analysis.

Jack Burgoine

From Spotlight - Clophill village magazine

"Both Jack Pitts and Jack Burgoine had very retentive memories and each could recall in some considerable detail what life was like in Clophill during their childhood days. We often said that it would be a good idea to sit them, each in turn, in a car starting at the entrance (A6) to the village and let them talk us through the High Street, recording their memories as we went along.

Most often these ideas remain just that, ones of good intent - "We really must get this organised" being often expressed but never acted upon. Very fortunately for us we did make the trips 'down memory lane' before it was too late; one on 21st September, 2004 with Jack Pitts then aged 91 and the second on 23rd September, 2004 with Jack Burgoine, 83. Within six months both were no longer with us so we were delighted that the effort had been made.

Since then Gillian Hill has diligently beavered away listening to the recordings, disregarding the irrelevant conversation of others and transcribing the pertinent to form a readable narrative. Many thanks to Gillian for all her hard work."


Jack Burgoine's Memories of Clophill (pdf)

Clophill Spotlight magazine.