The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
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The Ampthill News

No. 2,254.

JUNE 1911.


Saturday 3rd June 1911

On May 24 the usual Empire Day celebration took place at the School. Mr. Crouch gave a short address on "Duty to the Empire," a recitation, and patriotic songs were sung, and the National Anthem brought the proceedings to a close. As usual many of the villagers assembled to witness the celebration.

The coronation Committee are making good progress. The village has been canvassed for subscriptions and the villagers have made a generous response. Altogether (including a donation of 3 guineas from Lord Lucas, and one of like amount from the American ambassador) about £36 has been subscribed. This was considered most satisfactory. A Sub-Committee was appointed to draw up a scheme, and they propose to provide a free meat tea to all inhabitants over 14, and a plain tea for children under that age. It is also proposed to have a programme of sports, in which all may take part who are that way inclined.

Saturday 10th June 1911

Nearly £40 has been subscribed for the Coronation Festivities, so that a good tea for all the children and a substantial meat tea for all adults will be provided, and a good sum left over for sports after tea.

The Primitive Methodist Sunday School Anniversary Services were conducted on Sunday by Mr. W. Harris, of Bedford. The special hymns and recitations of the choir and children were excellently rendered. The school festival was held on Whit Monday. The scholar's tea was at 3.30 and at 5 p.m. A large number sat down to a public tea. The evening was spent in the meadow lent by Mr. Burgoine, and the teachers and friends made it a very happy time for the children, what with cricket, games, racing for prizes, and other amusements.

Saturday 17th June 1911

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Saturday 24th June 1911

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