The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
Including historical descriptions, maps and statistical analysis.

The Ampthill News

No. 2,254.



Saturday February 4th 1911

On January 25th, under supervision of Mr. Slack, Horticultural Inspector to the Beds. County Council, the boys forming the school gardening class planted 21 fruit trees to form a demonstration plot in the new school gardens. 12 of the trees were presented by Mrs. Whitelaw Reid (through the late Rector), Mr. Slack kindly sent 3 others, and the remaining 6 were removed from the old garden. 16 are apple trees, being "Cox's Orange Pippin," 2 "King of Pippins," 2 "Newton Wonder," 2 "Lanes's Prince Albert" and one each of

"James Griene," "Sterling Castle," "Lady Eudeley," "Arlington Pippin," "Potts' Seedling" and "Peasgood's Nonsuch." There are 4 pears. "Louise Bonne de Jersey," "Pitmaston Duchess," "Doyenne du Cornice" and "Unedale's S. German." The remaining tree is a "Czar" plum. Alternate rows were planted in the orthodox manner, the intervening rows being rammed in, or, as some of the boys remarked, "planted anyhow." It is proposed to plant rows of potatoes between the rows of trees, and to give demonstrations showing the advantage of "spraying."

Before leaving, the Rev. H. R. Meyer kindly presented 12 Paradise Stocks for further instruction in propagating.

Saturday February 11th 1911

No Entry.

Saturday February 18th 1911

On Feb. 8 the annual meeting of the British and Foreign Bible Society was held in the Parish Room. The Rev. T. Cullisson presided; and the deputation from the Society was Rev. Elias George. The collection was quite up to the average of the last few years.

Saturday February 25th 1911

On Friday an enjoyable whist drive was held in the Parish Room, when 40 players sat down. The lady's prize was won by Mrs. Daisy Rosson, and the gentlemen's by Mr. P. Gudgin.

No successor to the late Rector has yet been appointed. The Sunday services will be taken up to March 12th by the Rev. St. Clair Tisdall; and the Rev. T. Collisson, Rector of Gravenhurst, is taking occasional services, Men's Bible Class, etc.