The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
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The Ampthill News

No. 2,254.



Saturday December 2nd 1911

We mentioned the Old cross Tree last week. An iron fence, the gift of Mr. Crouch, has now been put round it to protect it from injury. The best thanks of the parishioners are due to Mr. Crouch for thus endevouring to preserve the old tree, which they all prize much.

On Saturday evening the Trustees of the Clophill Charities (the Rector, and Messrs. Maddams and Seabrook) attended at the Schools to collect the rent of the lands and cottages, which are the properties of the Charities. On Monday evening the money was distributed. Each of the 136 recipients received 4s. In money, a clothing ticket value 4s. And 4 cwt. Of coal, a total value of about 12s. 6d. Clophill is very well off as far as charities are concerned; and the village awes a debt to the Trustees for the splendid work they have done in this connection. On Monday evening the recipients passed a hearty vote of thanks to the three gentlemen who take such an interest in their welfare.

Saturday December 2nd 1911 (Continued)

On Friday evening a very successful concert, in aid of the funds of the Football Club was given in the Schools. The takings amounted to nearly £4, and we fell sure that the energetic Secretary of the Club, Mr. W. Garner, feels rewarded for the pains he took. The following is the programme:- Pianoforte solo, Miss Burton; song, "Longshoreman Billy," the Rev. C. L. Matthews, as an encore the Rector gave "A Little Irish Girl"; song, "They're after me" (encored), Mr. Blackburn; song, "The old Church Choir," Mrs. Rich; song, "Aida, my Queen," Mr. Wilsher; duet, "Where are you gong to?" (encored), Miss K. Cunnington and Miss F. Gudgin; song, "The Monks of Old," Mr. Cunnington; "Two little Irish Songs," Miss Treacher; song, "At the Football match last Saturday," Mr. Garner; song, "Do as they do in England," Miss Quarry; gramophone selection, Mr Anderson; pianoforte solo, Miss Burton; song, "When I was a boy at school," The Rev. C. L. Matthews; song, "Love the Pedlar" (encored), Miss Treacher; comic song, "They hauled me back again," Mr. Blackburn; duet, "All the nice girls love a sailor," Miss K. Cunnington and Miss F. Gudgin; song, "Redwing," Mrs. Rich; song, "Sweet Nancy" (encored), Mr. Wilsher; song "Since poor father joined the Territorials." Mr. Garner (encored); song, "Barney O'Hea," Miss Quarry; song, "An awful little scrub" (encored), Miss L. Cunnington; stump speech on "Love," Mr. Garner. God save the King.

Saturday December 9th 1911

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Saturday December 16th 1911

The report of the Diocesan Inspector on the Schools reads as follows:- Infants Department: "This small school is doing well. The tone and order are alike god. Careful and sound teaching is being given." Mixed Department: "I was greatly pleased with the results of ??? inspection of this most satisfactory school. The written work in particular deserving high praise. I should like to congratulate the Head Teacher and his Assistants on the Result of their work."

The members of the Reading Room are to be congratulated on the fact that they have been able to acquire a full-sized billiard for use in their Club Room. Six years ago they were able to purchase a 7ft. Table. The game became popular, and was also a source of considerable income to the funds. For the last year or two it has been the ambition of the Club to get a full-sized table, and this year it has been realised. Nearly three weeks ago a small deputation went to various depots in London, and they selected a table at Mr. George Edwards' factory in Kingsland road. On Thursday, December 7th, the table arrived, and is now fully occupied each evening.

Saturday December 23rd 1911

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Saturday December 30th 1911

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