The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
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The Ampthill News

No. 2,254.

APRIL 1911.


Saturday April 1st 1911

Henry Upton, a youth in the employ of Mr. Williamson, of "Simpson's Firs," met with a serious accident on Saturday. He was driving the horse which was working the chaff-cutting machine, when his left foot was caught in some cog-wheels. The foot was much hurt. Two of the toes being badly crushed. He was brought home, and is progressing satisfactorily, but it will be some time before he will be able to get about again.

The Annual Parish Meeting was held on Monday, only a small number attending. The charity Trustees, Messrs. Maddams and Seabrook, presented the accounts, each of the funds showing a balance in hand. On the proposition of Mr. Crouch, the Trustees were heartily thanked. It was decided to call a meeting for Wednesday next to consider the question of Coronation festivities.

Mr. J. Izzard, who has accompanied the late Rector to Watton as his gardener, has received a handsome clock from members of the Church Choir, as a token of their esteem. Mr. Izzard was a member of the choir for many years and the loss of his voice is keenly felt.

Saturday April 8th 1911

No Entry

Saturday April 15th 1911

The Parish Council met in the Infants' Schoolroom on Monday evening. Present: Messrs. John Madams, Seabrook, Tatman, Cunningham, S. Perkins sen. Welch, Astey, Maudlin, Chapman. Mr. John Madams was unanimously elected Chairman, and Mr. Seabrook, Vice-Chairman. The path to the Old Church was declared by the Chairmen to be in a very dangerous condition. Mr. Perkins proposed the re-election of the Footpath Committee to consider and put in proper condition this and other paths, and obtain gravel and sand for this purpose. A lengthy discussion upon the proposed delivery of letters on Sunday resulted in six voting for the proposition and two against, so that the application will be forwarded to the Post Master General. Mr. Samuel Perkins jun. And Mr. Earnest G. Appleby were elected overseers for the ensuing year.

The sad news of the death of Mr. Fred Crouch, of Tring, brother to Mr. Edward Crouch, of Cainhoe, has cast a gloom over the parish, as Mr. Crouch was well known in the neighbourhood.

On April 5 a public meeting was held in the school to consider what steps shall be taken to celebrate the Coronation. Mr. Crouch was voted to the chair. It was decided that a committee be appointed to collect funds and make all possible arrangements. The following committee was elected: Miss M. Goodall, Miss H. Horn, Miss Robinson, The Hon. G. D. Coleridge, Mr. Crouch, Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham, Messrs. Seabrook, Maddams, Robinson, Blackburn, W. Matthews, W. Young. L.Maudlin, G. Chapman. J. Smith. Tatman, B. Stimson, W. Garner and Rose. The committee afterwards met and collectors were appointed to canvas the village. Mr. Madams kindly offered the use of his meadow for sports. The next meeting of the committee was fixed for May 3.

Saturday April 22nd 1911

At the Wesleyan Chapel on Good Friday a sacred concert was given by the Ampthill Wesley Guild. The chair was taken by the Rev. j. Ogden. Solos and recitations were given by Miss Ruby Wall, Miss G. Foster; a duet by Mrs. R. Peck and Miss Tompkins, and readings by Mr. Holl and Mr. C. Handscomb.

On Easter Monday a sale of work on behalf of the organ fund was held, including a jumble sale, fish pond, bran tub. The stallholders were Mrs. Burgoine, Miss Ada Izzard, Mrs. H Sharpe, mrs Ansell, A. Sharpe, miss E. Wotton, Miss Kilby; Mr. H. Sharpe, bran tub; fish pond. Mrs. Frank Burgoine, and Mr. Sydney Coburn. Mr. Burgoine, J. Smith, C. Izzard rendered able assistance. At 7 p.m. An entertainment was given by the members of the Choir. The Rev. S. Aston Fox, Baptist minister, of Shefford presided. Solos, duets, and quartettes were rendered by the choir. Action songs and recitations by the staff of the Sunday school. Credit is due to the organist, Mr. Mattery, and to Mr. J. H. Smith for the excellent training of the children. The proceeds of the sale, collection, etc., were nearly £10, for the Organ Fund.

Saturday April 29 1911

The annual vestry meeting was held on Friday evening. As the parish is still without a Rector, Mr. Crouch, the senior churchwarden, took the chair, and Mr. Mossman presented the churchwardens' accounts, and was subsequently re-elected parish warden. The sidesmen were also re-elected en- bloc. A vote of thanks to Mr. Crouch as chairman, and also for the trouble he has taken since Mr. Meyer's departure in arranging for the Church services was unanimously passed. The last social of the season was held in the Primitive Methodist Chapel on Tuesday evening, and two interesting presentations were made. Mr. Putley presided, and made the presentations, first to Miss Emily Upton, who for many years has been organist at the Chapel, but through prolonged illness of her mother, has been obliged to give up for a time. Mr. Putley presented Miss Upton with £2 on behalf of the Society. Mr. J. H. Smith, who has assisted during the winter months at the special and Sunday services, received as a present a very nice cherry wood walking stick, silver- mounted, with the following inscription:-"Presented to Mr. J. H. Smith by the Clophill Primitive Methodist Society."