The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
Including historical descriptions, maps and statistical analysis.

Ampthill News 1911

This weekly newspaper had reports from the villages. All the reports for Clophill for 1911 have been transcribed.

January 1911

School gardening prizes and presentation to departing Rector. A whist drive was held in the Parish Room.

February 1911

School boys plant fruit trees. No successor to the late Rector appointed

March 1911

Unionist Association hold dinner at the Compasses Inn. Wedding at church but no clergyman turned up.

April 1911

Youth has foot crushed in chaff-cutting machine. Parish Council consider dangerous condition of Church Path.

May 1911

New Rector appointed. Row at Parish Council meeting about Sunday postal deliveries.

June 1911

Empire Day celebration took place at the School. Good progress in preparations for Coronation celebrations.

July 1911

Rain spoils Primitive Methodists' annual camp meeting. Ladies v. Gentlemen cricket match ended in draw.

August 1911

New Rector gets wed. Teeth cleaning competion at school great success.

September 1911

Girls' Church Sunday School celebrated 112th anniversary. Sunday postal delivery row continues.

October 1911

New Rector scores in football match against Pulloxhill. Meeting in Parish Room hears about missionary work in Amritsar.

November 1911

Annual meeting of the Reading Room members well attended. The Old Cross Tree has been lopped.

December 1911

Iron fence put round Old Cross Tree. Concert in aid of the Football Club great success.