The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
Including historical descriptions, maps and statistical analysis.

107 Years Ago Maps

Who lived where a 107 years ago?

If your house is over one hundred years old it might be possible to discover who lived there and what they did.

For villages like Clophill, there were no street numbers in general use in 1911. The Census returns only gave the street or road name. The only buildings that can be positively identified are named ones such as pubs, schools, churches, rectories and larger houses.

Fortunately, around the same time as the 1911 Census there was a land survey. The Finance Act 1910 led to the "Lloyd George Domesday land-survey", and the 1910-1915 Valuation Maps. Each property ('hereditament') in England and Wales was surveyed and valued, so a land value tax could be levied when the property was sold. It contains the name of the Occupier which can be cross-checked with the 1911 Census.

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Second Edition OS Map for Clophill (1902)

Small OS map of Clophill

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