The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
Including historical descriptions, maps and statistical analysis.

107 Years Ago - Leisure

To give an impression of what life was like in Clophill 107 years ago sources from 1911 have been transcribed and interpreted.



... By his interest in the Reading Room, Cricket club, etc., he had kept in touch with the young men of the place. ..."

Saturday January 21st 1911. Ampthill News

"The annual meeting of the Cricket Club was held in the Parish Room on Tuesday evening Mr. W. E. Seabrook, the captain, presided. The accounts showed a satisfactory balance in hand. The best thanks of the Club were accorded to Mrs. Blackburn, who so kindly arranged a concert on behalf of the funds. Lord Lucas was re-elected Patron, and Mr, Crouch, President. Of the Vice-Presidents two have left the village since last season. The other two, Mr. Powell and Mr. Seabrook, were re-elected, and it was decided to invite Major Glyn and and the Hon. G.D. Coleridge to become Vice- Presidents. Mr Seabrook was re-elected captain, and Mr. T. Izzard, vice-captain. It was resolved to arrange 14 matches, if possible, with clubs of the neighbouring villages."

Saturday, March 11th. 1911. Ampthill News

"Coronation Celebrations in Bedfordshire. Clophill

... At 2 p.m. a cricket match, Ladies v. Gentlemen, was played, which ended in a draw, the ladies scoring 31 and the gentlemen 28 for 6 wickets. Stumps were then drawn, as the adults' tea hour had arrived. ..."

Saturday, July 1, 1911. Ampthill News


"On Saturday a football match was played here with Pulloxhill. The homesters were assisted for the first time by the Rev. C. L. Matthews, who played himself in by scoring a good goal. Three others were scored by Clophill and Pulloxhill bagged two."

Saturday, October 7 1911. Ampthill News

"The football team went to Ampthill on Saturday to try conclusions with Ampthill Wesleyans, who, in the first game at Clophill a few weeks ago, were victorious by 6 goals to nil. This time the match ended in a draw, each side scoring twice."

Saturday, October 14 1911. Ampthill News

"On Saturday the Clophill Football team received a visit from Wilstead, and as was the first encounter, Clophill won. The score was three goals to nil. The goals were scored by H. Whittamore, J. Shepperd, and J. Durston, who scored from a penalty kick."

Saturday, November 18, 1911. Ampthill News

"On Friday evening a very successful concert, in aid of the funds of the Football Club was given in the Schools. The takings amounted to nearly £4, and we fell sure that the energetic Secretary of the Club, Mr. W. Garner, feels rewarded for the pains he took. The following is the programme:- Pianoforte solo, Miss Burton; song, "Longshoreman Billy," the Rev. C. L. Matthews, as an encore the Rector gave "A Little Irish Girl"; song, "They're after me" (encored), Mr. Blackburn; song, "The old Church Choir," Mrs. Rich; song, "Aida, my Queen," Mr. Wilsher; duet, Where are you gong to?" (encored), Miss K. Cunnington and Miss F. Gudgin; song, "The Monks of Old," Mr. Cunnington; "Two little Irish Songs," Miss Treacher; song, "At the Football match last Saturday," Mr. Garner; song, "Do as they do in England," Miss Quarry; gramophone selection, Mr Anderson; pianoforte solo, Miss Burton; song, "When I was a boy at school," The Rev. C. L. Matthews; song, "Love the Pedlar" (encored), Miss Treacher; comic song, "They hauled me back again," Mr. Blackburn; duet, "All the nice girls love a sailor," Miss K. Cunnington and Miss F. Gudgin; song, "Redwing," Mrs. Rich; song, "Sweet Nancy" (encored), Mr. Wilsher; song "Since poor father joined the Territorials." Mr. Garner (encored); song, "Barney O'Hea," Miss Quarry; song, "An awful little scrub" (encored), Miss L. Cunnington; stump speech on "Love," Mr. Garner. God save the King."

Saturday, December 2, 1911. Ampthill News


"On Friday an enjoyable whist drive was held in the Parish Room, when 40 players sat down. The lady's prize was won by Mrs. Daisy Rosson, and the gentlemen's by Mr. P. Gudgin."

Saturday, February 25th, 1911. Ampthill News

"On May 11 a concert in aid of the fund for the coronation celebration was given in the schools. The audience thoroughly appreciated the program, which is appended: Solo, "The Wolves," Miss Burton; song, "Somewhere," Mr. S. Wilsher; song, "The Gipsy's Warning," Miss Lark; song, "Beautiful Bed" (encored), Mr. Garner; recitation, "The little knowing boy," Mr. Harris; song, "Don't go down the mine, dad," Master L. Cunnington; recitation, "Karl, the Martyr," Mr. Cornwell; song, "Haul me back again" (encored), Mr. Blackburn; gramophone selection, Mr. Anderson; song, Mr. Wilsher; song, "My Juliet," Miss Barton; recitation, "Cure for love," Mr. Harris; song, "I'm unfortunate" (encored), Mr. Garner; duet, "The Zuyder Zee," Miss K. and Master L. Cunnington; song, "Tired," Miss Lack; recitation, "The boy stood on the burning deck," Master L. Cunnington; song, "Bridget MacCarthy" (encored), Mr. Blackburn; comic sketch, "Minding the Babies," Mr. Garner and Company; "God Save the King." Mr. Blackburn and Mr. Garner deserve thanks for organising the concert."

Saturday May 20th 1911. Ampthill News