The history of Clophill, Bedfordshire, UK
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107 Years Ago - Celebrations

To give an impression of what life was like in Clophill 107 years ago sources from 1911 have been transcribed and interpreted.

The Coronation of KING GEORGE V & QUEEN MARY. 22 June 1911

"On April 5 a public meeting was held in the school to consider what steps shall be taken to celebrate the Coronation. Mr. Crouch was voted to the chair. It was decided that a committee be appointed to collect funds and make all possible arrangements. The following committee was elected: Miss M. Goodall, Miss H. Horn, Miss Robinson, The Hon. G. D. Coleridge, Mr. Crouch, Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham, Messrs. Seabrook, Maddams, Robinson, Blackburn, W. Matthews, W. Young. L.Maudlin, G. Chapman. J. Smith. Tatman, B. Stimson, W. Garner and Rose. The committee afterwards met and collectors were appointed to canvas the village. Mr. Madams kindly offered the use of his meadow for sports. The next meeting of the committee was fixed for May 3."

Saturday, April 15th. 1911. Ampthill News

"On May 11 a concert in aid of the fund for the coronation celebration was given in the schools. The audience thoroughly appreciated the program, which is appended: Solo, "The Wolves," Miss Burton; song, "Somewhere," Mr. S. Wilsher; song, "The Gipsy's Warning," Miss Lark; song, "Beautiful Bed" (encored), Mr. Garner; recitation, "The little knowing boy," Mr. Harris; song, "Don't go down the mine, dad," Master L. Cunnington; recitation, "Karl, the Martyr," Mr. Cornwell; song, "Haul me back again" (encored), Mr. Blackburn; gramophone selection, Mr. Anderson; song, Mr. Wilsher; song, "My Juliet," Miss Barton; recitation, "Cure for love," Mr. Harris; song, "I'm unfortunate" (encored), Mr. Garner; duet, "The Zuyder Zee," Miss K. and Master L. Cunnington; song, "Tired," Miss Lack; recitation, "The boy stood on the burning deck," Master L. Cunnington; song, "Bridget MacCarthy" (encored), Mr. Blackburn; comic sketch, "Minding the Babies," Mr. Garner and Company; "God Save the King." Mr. Blackburn and Mr. Garner deserve thanks for organising the concert."

Saturday May 20th 1911. Ampthill News

"The coronation Committee are making good progress. The village has been canvassed for subscriptions and the villagers have made a generous response. Altogether (including a donation of 3 guineas from Lord Lucas, and one of like amount from the American ambassador) about £36 has been subscribed. This was considered most satisfactory. A Sub-Committee was appointed to draw up a scheme, and they propose to provide a free meat tea to all inhabitants over 14, and a plain tea for children under that age. It is also proposed to have a programme of sports, in which all may take part who are that way inclined."

Saturday June 3, 1911. Ampthill News

"Nearly £40 has been subscribed for the Coronation Festivities, so that a good tea for all the children and a substantial meat tea for all adults will be provided, and a good sum left over for sports after tea."

Saturday, June 10 1911. Ampthill News

"Coronation Celebrations in Bedfordshire. Clophill"

"A large committee, under the chairmanship of Mr. E. Crouch, settled the broad lines on which the arrangements were carried out, and the details were left to a small Sub-Committee, with Mr. Maddams as Chairman. Mr. F. H. Robinson was a very capable and energetic Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, and to those two gentlemen the best thanks of all are due. All members of the Committee had a busy time on Thursday morning preparing for the feeding of the village in the afternoon. A ladies' committee had secured many willing helpers to attend to the preparation of the food, etc., and their efforts were entirely successful. The Rev. T. Collisson kindly officiated at the service in the Parish Church at 12.30. A special service for the day was used, and special hymns were sung. A short sermon on the meaning of coronation was followed by the singing of the National Anthem. At 2 p.m. A cricket match, Ladies v. Gentlemen, was played, which ended in a draw, the ladies scoring 31 and the gentlemen 28 for 6 wickets. Stumps were then drawn, as the adults' tea hour had arrived. The children had tea at 3 p.m. In the beautiful grounds of the Rectory by permission of the incoming Rector, the Rev. C.L. Matthews. This was followed by a meat tea for adults, to which about 500 sat down. An excellent tea had been provided and the fullest justice was done to it. After tea three cheers were given for the King and Queen, and three more for Mr. Crouch. The company adjourned to the meadow, placed at the Committee's disposal by Mr. Maddams, for sports and games. A pretty exhibition of Morris dancing was the first item, and Mr. Robinson, who had trained the girls, must have been gratified by the manner in which they acquitted themselves. They were loudly cheered, and they deserved it. The dances were accompanied by a piano and violins. Miss. Ruth Cunnington was pianist, and Miss Handley and Messrs. F. Ashley, W. Matthews and L. Cunnington "fiddled." Sports for the children followed, and they proved very popular, and many interesting finishes were witnessed. After this there were races, etc., for adults, and these attracted many entries. The day closed with a vote of thanks to Mr. Maddams for kindly lending his field, and to the Committee for all their efforts to make the day a success, and the National Anthem was sung. The beacon fires were plainly seen from Badger Hill and the Woburn fire was magnificent. From the Barton Hills the southern sky was lit up and looked grand."

Saturday, July 1, 1911. Ampthill News

Empire Day

"On May 24 the usual Empire Day celebration took place at the School. Mr. Crouch gave a short address on "Duty to the Empire," a recitation, and patriotic songs were sung, and the National Anthem brought the proceedings to a close. As usual many of the villagers assembled to witness the celebration."

Saturday June 3, 1911. Ampthill News